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Wednesday, August 27 2014

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Does it work on Majorca?

Yes, it does ... but not everywhere.

Especially UMTS is perfect for anyone who has to "go around" a lot or just wants to be "independent". So, during the last years those fancy and tiny UMTS modems can been seen nearly everywhere. They are easy to use and nowadays in urban areas match the speed and performance of the old fashioned cable internet.

But everything has its limits and on Majorca and the rest of the Balearic Islands those limits are the reachability outside urban areas.
Even today, there are a lot of blank spots left on the islands, where you only get restricted or none at all mobile reception. This may be due to "not enough antenas" or obstructing landscapes as mountains or ... well once again: not enough antenas.

So please, check your cell phone reception to see if you should give UMTS a shot. Keep in mind, that sometimes reception at one location may be very different from one provider to another.